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Running for something bigger then me...

Mike Coziahr / World Orphans Campaign

Making every race and every mile run count for something more...
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About Running for something bigger then me...

World Orphans is a faith based organization that has partnered with Churches from across the country to send volunteer aid workers all over the world to provide refugee services to those affected and displaced by war and famine. Currently World Orphans has 56 active projects in 12 Countries across Central America, Africa, and East and Central Asia. They provide a wide range of services to orphaned children and refugees including medical care, shelter, education, community building, infrastructure development and economic empowerment. World Orphans volunteers have put themselves in harm’s way to assist refugees escape active combat areas where their homes and communities have been destroyed. They then provide the tools, equipment, financial support and other assistance necessary to rebuild their communities when it is safe to return home. This campaign will contribute to World Orphans General Fund that will provide assistance and services wherever needed.

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