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Teaching and Coaching for Orphans

Karen Tay / World Orphans Campaign

Support World Orphans in supporting children who have lost their parents. 
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About Teaching and Coaching for Orphans

Instead of paying me, I'd love for you to donate towards World Orphans, which provides support to families who are caring for orphaned and vulnerable children in their home countries. They work all over the world including Guatemala, Cambodia, Iraq, India and Kenya.

  • Anonymous Donations:  For anonymous donations, select 'anonymous' AFTER the donation has been processed. [Note that after you put in your credit card info and finish the transaction, another screen pops up asking if they wish it to be anonymous].
  • Donor Opt Out: I have requested that World Orphans does not put my donors on their mailings and electronic communications. If you DO want to receive updates, let Becky Knott know:  []

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