It's my 40th Birthday and I want to use it accomplish more than just an over the hill party! Please join me and donate $40 to help fund microloans through our Family Empowerment Program in Ethiopia. These loans will be used to help a women grow a business that can move her family from surviving to thriving... Even better, when she pays that $40 back it will be used again to make a new loan to another women to improve her family. Your $40 will go on cycle after cycle providing loans for deserving women who want to improve the lives of their family. Will you join me?
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About Nate's 40th Birthday

What is Economic Empowerment? 
We believe that economic empowerment is building the capacity of the men and women in the communities served by our programs to participate in, contribute to, and benefit from economic opportunities in ways that recognize the value of their contributions, respects their intrinsic dignity as image bearers of Christ, builds stronger families and improves the quality of life for all members of the community. 

Why we are doing it: 
We believe that family preservation and economic empowerment are undeniably linked. The economic instability of poverty leads to unstable and disrupted families. Unstable or disrupted families exacerbate a number of social issues individuals dealing with generational poverty in impoverished communities are already facing. Empowering men and women economically will create a stronger family and result in better care of and opportunities for the orphaned and vulnerable children we serve.