Book Bonanza for Haiti

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About this Cause

A recent USAID assessment in Haiti showed that nearly half of students finishing second grade can not read a single word. Additionally, half of the adult population is illiterate. One in two people—50% of adults—are unable to read and write. As part of our commitment to orphaned and vulnerable children, World Orphans seeks to ensure children receive wholistic care—mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. A vital portion of this care is an education. Education provides pathways out of poverty and empowers children for bright futures. As we head back to school this fall—both as parents and students—will you stand with children in Haiti? Here's your challenge: go home, count every book on your bookshelf, and make a donation based on the amount of books you have. Kids, you can give a penny, nickel, or dime for every book you have. Adults, you may want to give a quarter or a dollar for every book sitting on your shelves. Together, we can help more children not only learn to read, but have hope for the future.

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